LOFT metal: partitions and doors

design and production LOFT metal by Deutsche Brüder workshops ®


Metal LOFT Partitions and Doors

 Thin Facets of Space 
 creating a genuine atmosphere



LOFT Doors and Partitions
thinness of glass , precision of metal

design and production by 
Deutsche Brüder workshops®

(мастерские Братьев немцеВ)



Deutsche Brüder workshops® they are rightfully considered to be the keepers of the Loft Style and masters of creating real atmospheric spaces, primarily because they pay attention to the Details, the subtle formation of which determines the internal sensations of perception of a particular place.

loft_partitionsReal black iron, combining the fineness of lines and the artistic depth of surfaces with internal strength and strength, emphasizes the authenticity of the loft, its conformity to Style, like no other.

Along with beams, stairs and mezzanines, often made of powerful iron, these elegant iron Loft partitions, erected for one or another need, immediately emphasize the subtlety of your taste.


LOFT Doors Partitionsglass metal Deutsche Brüder workshops
from completed projects Deutsche Brüder workshops 


Deutsche Brüder workshops have extensive experience working with Loft metal and are constantly moving forward: in creative search, in improving technology and in the ability to do their job well.


LOFT Doors and Partitions metal and glassHere we show you the different types of Loft Doors and Partitions that we design and manufacture, showing a small part of the completed Projects.

To solve your interior Task, we can come up with and accurately manufacture any Loft Doors and Partitions from ferrous metal and various glass. We can use an old wood in them or make complex profiles from patinated brass.

We will be able to deliver our Products to anywhere in Europe and Asia. Now we demonstrate our ability to successfully work creatively in our beloved History.


We invite you to a photo tour, where everything will become clear as clearly as possible:



Deutsche Brüder workshops Partitions LOFT


Let's look into the metal LOFT workshops



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Doors and Partitions

design and production by 
Deutsche Brüder workshops®


Doors, 4 meters high, made of very thin strong profile
Some photos from the Project by Nikolina Gora, Moscow, Russia,2019
LOFT Doors by Deutsche Brüder
LOFT Doors  thinness of glass metal Deutsche Brüder
LOFT Doors metal Deutsche Brüder LOFT Doors and stair by Deutsche Brüder


Cider Cooler in an Irish Pub. Ferrous metal-LOFT.
The Project turned out to be not at all simple.
Moscow, Russia, 2019
Cider Cooler in an Irish Pub. Ferrous metal LOFT.
Cider Cooler in an Irish Pub. Ferrous metal LOFT.


Large four casement doors to the library home cabinet.
Painted black metal. Faceted glass.

Khitrovka, Moscow, Russia, 2017

Large four casement doors to the library home cabinet. Black metal. Faceted glass.
Large four casement doors to the library home cabinet. Black metal. Faceted glass.
Large four casement doors to the library home cabinet LOFT. Black metal. Faceted glass.

A unique Project both for Moscow and for the whole of Russia:
mechanical lifting Window, made of a type-setting black metal profile, taking into account the Russian winter (warm window), on a specially designed and manufactured manual gear system. You twist the handle - the huge Window gently rises and falls.
Black metal, fantasy, skill, desire and hands.
Window Lift Mechanism was developed in the design of the Prototype.

Restaurant, Moscow, Russia, 2018

Manual gearbox for manual window lifting
Manual gearbox for manual window lifting
Stained Glass Iron Window with a mechanical system for lifting (tilting)

Along with a lifting (flipping) window, a Mechanical Kitchen Lift
was designed and made Like the whole restaurant, filled with metal
and wooden creations from the 
Deutsche Brüder workshops..

Mechanical kitchen lift
Like the rest of the Restaurant ..


A project to create a genuine LOFT atmosphere in a complex space where it has never been: artificially creating artifacts from an old factory. Black metal. Different glasses. Creation of an “old factory elevator”, in which bathrooms, sliding partitions, and a strict iron staircase are hidden.
Moscow, Russia, 2018

Genuine invoice metal LOFT. Old factory elevator
Genuine invoice metal LOFT. Old factory elevator
 Old factory elevator bathroom loft


Swivel metal partition with glass: beautiful, complex and accurate.
Carriages were designed. Used Old Glass
NTV Project, Moscow, 2016

LOFT Doors and Partitions 11
LOFT Doors and Partitions
old glass Loft


Several variations of the rolling and static (stationary)
LOFT partitions for office and home. Ferrous metal,glass

Different Projects of different Time. Moscow

Partitions LOFT  design and production by  Deutsche Brüder workshops
Doors Partitions Loft
Doors and Partitions LOFT metal
Doors and Partitions bathroom loft
static Partitions loft metall
static loft
Metal partitions LOFT Moscow


Deutsche Brüder workshops, as always, in work and creation processes. We will be happy to help and participate in Atmospheric Projects.

The page is constantly filled with New Victories.

Partitions LOFT
Partitions metal Loft Deutsche Brüder workshops
metsallic staircase Loft